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Young rabbit does fed with fibrous diet during rearing: serical and productive parameters
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  • Producción animal
The aim of this work was to determine the effect of different feeding systems during rearing on serum leptin, non esterified fatty acids (NEFA) and total protein levels and some productive parameters of rabbit does. Thirty six animals 11-weeks old were randomly distributed in three experimental groups: group AL-C and group R-C were fed ad libitum and restricted (150 g/day) respectively a commercial diet (NDF 38% DM). One week before first artificial insemination (AI), R-C group was fed ad libitum. AL-F group fed an experimental diet with a higher level of fibre provided ad libitum (NDF 50% DM). First AI was made in AL-C does at 16 weeks of age and in AL-F and R-C does one week later. After first parturition, all animals fed ad libitum the commercial diet. During the rearing period, animals of group R-C had the lowest daily feed intake (P<0.001), digestible energy intake (P<0.03) and digestible protein intake (P<0.001), delaying the onset of puberty (P<0.001), decreasing their fertility at first AI (P<0.02) and having the lowest pre-puberal leptin concentration (P<0.001) in comparison with the other two groups. During pregnancy, AL-F does had a tendency to a higher feed intake with respect to other groups, and their fertility on day 11 post partum (pp) tended to be higher (P<0.09). All animals showed physiological high levels of total serum protein at 16 weeks of age. Serum NEFA level was high around parturition in all groups indicating mobilization of energy reserves, even though in AL-F group this mobilization was lower. Ad libitum feeding system with fibrous diets during rearing allowed to obtain similar reproductive performances in nulliparous rabbit does than feeding system with lower fibre inclusion.
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9th World Rabbit Congress
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Verona (Italia)
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Proceedings of the 9th World Rabbit Congress
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  • Autor: Nuria Nicodemus Martin (UPM)
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