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The interest and potential of the ultra high concentration

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  • Electronics engineering

Following the successful and rewarding workshop held in Cercedilla in March 2002, and under the stimulus of the European Commission, the Instituto de Energía Solar of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid wants to organise a new workshop with the aim of assessing the progress reached with some of the high efficiency novel concepts proposed in the former workshop, the challenges remaining and to consider some new scientific discoveries that might be of interest for the field. For it we are inviting world class experts to lecture as well as a restricted group of panellists, not necessarily photovoltaic experts that might give us a feedback on the soundness and opportunity of our proposals. The workshop goes on three working days with lectures and debate and will be ended by a final discussion session where photovoltaic experts, high level scientists in general, and EC officials will discuss on the interest and opportunity of the topics presented.
Towards a next generation photovoltaics
Comisión Europea-Universidad Politécnida de Madrid
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Residencia Lucas Olazábal-Cercedilla
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  • Creador: Grupo de Investigación: Semiconductores III-V
  • Centro o Instituto I+D+i: Instituto de Energía Solar
  • Departamento: Electrónica Física