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The role of instability theory in flow control
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  • Mecánica de fluidos
It is to be expected that a chapter on the role of instability theory in flow control will dwell on the interconnection between two of the broadest concepts in fluid mechanics. Indeed, as testified by the other chapter in this volume, flow control is an extensive and ever-expanding area of research and application. From the outset, is important to be aware of two possible misconceptions. First, one might think that there is now a complete understanding of fluid flow instability, since vast amounts of information have been amassed by consistently high levels of effort over more than a century (Criminale et al., 2003; Drazin and Reid, 1981; Schmid and Henningson, 2001). Second, it has been claimed that the field of fluid mechanics has reached maturity, a corollary being that the expert community should now be capable of applying existing knowledge in order to modify a certain flow in a desired manner.
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Editorial del Libro
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics
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Fundamentals and Applications of Modern Flow Control
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  • Autor: Vassilios Theofilis (UPM)
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