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A Comparative Analysis of English and Spanish Adjectives as Part of a Collocation Pattern in a Special Language Discourse
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This abstract reports on some terminology research being done on a special language discourse in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). The content of this abstract is part of a terminological approach related to some collocation patterns identified in this before mentioned discourse. The study is being done both for English and Spanish collocations. This approach is intended to show that in a particular collocation pattern formed by an adjective and a technical noun, both the adjective and technical noun convey specialized meaning. The paper informs of the procedure involved to demonstrate the above hypothesis. For this purpose two corpora have been designed. They include specialized subject field texts, namely ICTs language discourse, some of them are parallel texts, i.e. English version and the corresponding Spanish translated version, and others are English-written texts and Spanish-written texts. In the contrastive analysis that follows, adjectives from the corpora have been listed and their linguistic features have been identified, i.e. morphological and semantic typology. A further study shows that most adjectives in this ICTs corpora, either English or Spanish texts, are part of a collocation pattern and a very low percentage of these adjectives has no field-related meaning. This pattern also informs of combinatorial restrictions resulting in some more additional features. Consequently it should be assumed that in order to convey specialized meaning it is not only necessary to properly select terminology but also to combine adequately these fixed expressions which support specialized information as well. This study has taken into account the research on phraseology made in Spain by Corpas (1996) as well as Mel¿¿uk¿s Meaning-Text Theory (1996). Marie-Claude L¿Homme¿s papers, especially the one entitled ¿Capturing the Lexical Structure in Special Subject Fields with Verbs and Verbal Derivatives. A Model for Specialized Lexicography¿ (2003), have been particularly useful for this work.
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  • Autor: Francisca Lopez Hernandez (UPM)
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