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Designing by Geometry: Rankine's Theorems of Transformation of Structures

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In this article we will concentrate only in one of the more originals contributions of Rankine in the field of structural theory, his Theorems of Transformation of Structures. These theorems have deserved no attention either to his contemporaries or to modern historians of structural theory. It appears that the only exception is Timoshenko (1953,198-200) who cited the general statement and described briefly its applications to arches. The present author has studied the application of the Theorems to masonry structures (Huerta and Aroca 1989; Huerta 1990, 2004, 2007). Rankine discovered the Theorems during the preparation of his Lectures for his Chair of Engineering in the University of Glasgow . He considered it very important, as he published it in a short note communicated to the Royal Society in 1856 (Rankine 1856). He included it, also, in his article "Mechanics (applied)" for the 8th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica (Rankine 1857). Eventually, the Theorems were incoroporated in the Manual of applied mechanics and applied to frames, cables, rib arches and masonry structures. The theorems were also included in his Manual of civil engineering (1862), generally in a shortened way, but with some additions.
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Geometría y proporción en las estructuras. Ensayos en honor de Ricardo Aroca
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