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Tecnaire portada

Application of an air quality action plan in Madrid

Within the framework of the Tecnaire-CM project, in which UPM researchers were involved, diagnostic and analysis of short-term air quality in Madrid under a high-pollution episode using advanced techniques has been carried out.

Isabel Lorenzo

When water is missing: How engineering attempts to solve problems in Africa

While she was studying Civil Engineering at UPM, Isabel Lorenzo went to Kenya to take down necessary data for her PFC: a dam that would help improve life in the Turkana district. Today, the dam is built and full of water.


Diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases through eye movements

A new robotic system developed by UPM researchers and AURA Innovative Robotics Company can help diagnose neurodegenerative diseases, such as dementia and Parkinson, through the analysis of eye movements.


UPM bestows Barbara Liskov, pioneer in computer science research

The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) awarded an honorary doctorate to Barbara Liskov, one of the of the world's leading authorities on computer language and system design. She was also awarded with the A.M.Turing Award.