Politécnica de Madrid


New Human Brain Project Facility Hub at UPM available to the community

Focused Ion Beam (FIB) milling and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), located at the Centro de Tecnología Biomédica (Laboratorio Cajal de Circuitos Corticales, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) and led by Prof. Javier de Felipe, are now available as part of a new Human Brain Project (HBP) Facility Hub.


Sensor implementation and digitalisation, the future of climate-smart agriculture (CSA)

Five groups of the ‘Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Agronómica, Alimentaria y de Biosistemas’ (ETSIAAB) are working in ‘Agrisost’, a scientific programme to make sustainability effective in agricultura.


UPM researchers seek to develop the first thermo-photovoltaic battery

Researchers from the Institute of Solar Energy of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid are coordinating THERMOBAT, a project funded by the European Innovation Council to develop a thermophotovoltaic battery that can store large amounts of renewable energy at low cost.


The cofund SDGine holds its first face to face meeting with partners

SDGine for Healthy People and Cities Programme, launched during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, has held its first face-to-face meeting with partners.