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The long life of pesticides

Although the use of organochlorine pesticides has been forbidden for decades, it is still affecting our soils. This is the conclusion of a research group from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid after an exhaustive study carried out in the Laguna del Hito, a Special Protection Area for Birds.


New tool to identify endangered ecosystems

A team of researchers from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, University Centre for Digital Art and Technology and Universidad Francisco de Vitoria has developed a new tool of visualization of bipartite biological networks, like the visualization between pollinators and plants or between diseases and genes, which identify their interactions and anticipate corrective measures.


Enhanced human body response to implants

UPM researchers have developed a new surface treatment that, applied to biomaterials, will allow us to reduce the implant rejection by our body. This will extend the prosthesis life and thus increase the quality of life of patients.

Influencia hábitos de consumo

What impact do our consumption habits have on the environment?

UPM researchers conclude that the impact of Madrid on the climate change is much greater than the impact shown in its inventory of greenhouse gas emissions.