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Voz Inteligencia Artificial

Have you ever wondered how a speech therapist rate your voice/speech? Artificial intelligence makes the process automatic and more objective.

Researchers from UPM and Universidad de Antioquia have developed an automatic system which objectively analyze and rate the voice of a patient using Artificial Intelligence.


CEMDATIC develops a new type of flat tuneable lense with different applications

The Applied Photonics Group from the CEMDATIC research centre at the UPM Superior Telecommunications school develop a new type of flat tuneable lenses based on liquid crystal technology with applications ranging from microscopes and telescopes to digital cameras and LIDAR

Agricultura e investigacion

Recycling agro-industrial by-products for animal feeding

Besides reducing the environmental problem caused by their accumulation, the use of plant and fruits wastes in livestock diets can improve both livestock health and the quality of animal products.

Nanoparticulas cáncer

Bacteria as nanoparticles carriers to deliver drugs in tumor tissues

Researchers from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) have developed a methodology to anchor nanoparticles on the surface bacteria which can penetrate tumor tissues improving the efficacy of nanomedicines.