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Nanopartículas Alzheimer

Nanoparticles for the detection of Alzheimer’s disease through magnetic resonance imaging

UPM researchers are involved in the development of a new biosensor that can be useful to achieve an early non-invasive diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease using magnetic resonance imaging.


Young Talent Architecture Award 2018 recognizes the talent and commitment of a graduated from ETSAM-UPM

His talent, effort and dedication have led Julio Gotor to be one of the winners of the Young Talent Architecture Award 2018. This award recognizes the talent and commitment of Young european architects. Gotor is graduated from the ETSAM-UPM.

Cultivos cubierta

Cover crops to enhance soil quality

Researchers from UPM and INIA suggest replacing fallow lands with cover crops in order to increase the levels of carbon and soil nitrogen. It also enhances its quality and mitigates nitrate leaching in an agricultural land.

Tecnaire portada

Application of an air quality action plan in Madrid

Within the framework of the Tecnaire-CM project, in which UPM researchers were involved, diagnostic and analysis of short-term air quality in Madrid under a high-pollution episode using advanced techniques has been carried out.