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Cerebro humano

New methodology for personalized rehabilitation in brain injury patients

Researchers from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Hospital Instituto Guttman have developed a new methodology of motor assessment of patients with acquired brain injury that improves the current neurorehabilitation models.


New materials to improve the safety of high-speed crafts

UPM researchers have developed a new technology based on composite materials and viscoelastic layers that improve the resistance of hull of high-speed crafts what makes them safer.

Rethink portada

How to boost both sustainable and resilient agriculture?

Researchers from the group of GESPLAN at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid have applied the Working with People methodology to “rethink” sustainability, resilience and rural development in Europe.


Young Talent Architecture Award 2018 recognizes the talent and commitment of a graduated from ETSAM-UPM

His talent, effort and dedication have led Julio Gotor to be one of the winners of the Young Talent Architecture Award 2018. This award recognizes the talent and commitment of Young european architects. Gotor is graduated from the ETSAM-UPM.