Politécnica de Madrid

Precision agriculture

Precision agriculture: an inevitable revolution

New technologies and growing demand for more sustainable-produced food are needed to tackle climate change.

RTVE Chair at UPM

The RTVE Chair at UPM presents the first worldwide complete pilot broadcast of UHD 8K signal in DVB-T2

The Chair of the Spanish public broadcaster RTVE at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid -- UPM presented last October 21 the first complete pilot broadcast, worldwide, of UHD 8K signal in DVB-T2.

Voz Inteligencia Artificial

Have you ever wondered how a speech therapist rate your voice/speech? Artificial intelligence makes the process automatic and more objective.

Researchers from UPM and Universidad de Antioquia have developed an automatic system which objectively analyze and rate the voice of a patient using Artificial Intelligence.


CEMDATIC develops a new type of flat tuneable lense with different applications

The Applied Photonics Group from the CEMDATIC research centre at the UPM Superior Telecommunications school develop a new type of flat tuneable lenses based on liquid crystal technology with applications ranging from microscopes and telescopes to digital cameras and LIDAR