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UPM Language Center

UPM Language Center offers an array of courses aimed at International students

The UPM Language Centre, run by the UPM’s Vice Rectorate for Academic Strategy and Internationalisation, has developed a flexible offer of Spanish language courses adapted to the special demands of its higher education community.

Precision agriculture

Precision agriculture: an inevitable revolution

New technologies and growing demand for more sustainable-produced food are needed to tackle climate change.

RTVE Chair at UPM

The RTVE Chair at UPM presents the first worldwide complete pilot broadcast of UHD 8K signal in DVB-T2

The Chair of the Spanish public broadcaster RTVE at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid -- UPM presented last October 21 the first complete pilot broadcast, worldwide, of UHD 8K signal in DVB-T2.

Voz Inteligencia Artificial

Have you ever wondered how a speech therapist rate your voice/speech? Artificial intelligence makes the process automatic and more objective.

Researchers from UPM and Universidad de Antioquia have developed an automatic system which objectively analyze and rate the voice of a patient using Artificial Intelligence.