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Faculty of Sciences for Physical Activity and Sport (INEF)

  • Campus Ciudad Universitaria
    Martín Fierro 7
    28040 Madrid
    91 336 40 01
    Autobus: 46, 160, 161, U
    Metro:Moncloa (linea 3) y Ciudad Universitaria (línea 6)
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The Faculty of Sciences for Physical Activity and Sport (INEF) is a university centre created by the Law of Physical Education 1961, which began its academic activity in the 1967-68 academic year and studying for the qualification of Profesor de Educación Física, administratively accountable to the old National Delegation for Sports.

The Law of Physical Culture and Sport 1980 classifies the studies given in the INEF as equivalent to the first and second university cycles, with the academic situation regulated by the Institutos Nacionales de Educación Física by the Royal Decree 790/81 of the 24th of April. As a consequence of this regulation, a study plan was approved that gave rise to the qualifications of Diplomado y Licenciado en Educación Física (Diploma and Degree in Physical Education – order of the 20th July 1981). The INEF in Madrid was provisionally attached to the Technic University of Madrid, by means of the order of the 22nd of July1982.

In 1990, The Law of Sport authorised the Government to adapt the teaching of Physical Education given in the INEF to that established under the Law of University Reform. The Royal Decree 1423/1992, of the 27th November, incorporated the teaching of Physical Education to the University.

The Royal Decree 1670/1993, of the 24th of September, established the official university qualification of the Degree in Sciences for Physical Activity and Sport and the general directives proper to the study plans leading to its awarding. Under the protection of this Royal Decree, the Study Plan for the Degree in Sciences for Physical Activity and Sport from the Technic University of Madrid was approved, through the Resolution of the 25th of September 1996. The first course started in the 1996/97 academic year.

It became attached to the Polytechnic University of Madrid through the Royal Decree 155/1998, of the 14th of September 1998. B.O.E.

Finally, since the 1st of October 2003, the Faculty has been part of the Polytechnic University of Madrid as another centre, through Decree 83/2003 of the 12th June.

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