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Address:ETSI Informáticos - UPM Calle de los Ciruelos s/n, Campus de Montegancedo, UPM 28660 Boadilla del Monte (Madrid) Phone number:910673064 Website: Email:

Economics @Intelligence

Artificial intelligence for real life economics

Technological Offers type


Available from: 2020


“Economics @Intelligence” offers a technological solution that generates Big Data, and applies artificial intelligence techniques and online machine learning to shed light on any type of economic analysis.


Our “Lighthouse” offers a platform for researchers and users where they can directly access the original sources of public, official data and from various sources and official, national and international organizations, facilitating a simple download and an attractive visualization.


The “Lighthouse” also offers for economic analysis all the computational power of artificial intelligence and online machine learning techniques at our disposal with the resources available from the Madrid Supercomputing and Visualization Center (CESVIMA) of the UPM.


In addition, in its “Radar” it detects for a more general and massive public research results supervised by the members of the research team together with UPM students, which serves and deploys an educational innovation action framed within the Educational Innovation Group in Economics and ADE of the UPM (GIE ADE-Econ UPM).




At the national level, the tool has +11,000 datasets and +70 million observations (no entity from the public or private sector is exploiting this information using these techniques and putting them at the service of society) – Information as of 2020, but continuous expansion


Suggested citation for the project:

Economics @Intelligence, 2020. Technological Solution, Digital Innovation Hub, Polytechnic University of Madrid.