Politécnica de Madrid

EELISA meeting

An enlarged consortium with a commitment to a sustainable long-term alliance amid the outcomes of the latest EELISA Governing Board meeting

This meeting has consolidated the strategy followed by the European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance (EELISA) for the next period of Erasmus+ funding (2023-27).


Social dimension of rural areas

CEIGRAM researchers analyse rural development in Aragon and propose improvements in social politics under the H2020-Sherpa project.

Cultivo de arroz

UPM and UdL-Agrotecnio researchers make further progress in biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) in rice

Luis Rubio Herrero, CBGP researcher and ETSIAAB professor, is leading a study to develop cereal crops that fix their own nitrogen, which could drastically reduce the need for fertilisers.


The Lifestyle Dynamics Index® (LDI) demonstrates a less dynamic lifestyle since 1960

The lifestyle in the world since the 1960s is less and less dynamic, according to the trend shown by the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain and, especially, the United States since 2008.