Politécnica de Madrid


The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is working to make its Web site as accessible as possible irrespective of the physical, psychological and technical conditions as well as the environmental characteristics of the visitors.

In order to achieve this we are striving to respect the priority 2 accessibility guidelines (adaptation to the "AA" level) defined in the specification of Accessibility Guidelines for Web Content (WACG) under the Web Accessibility initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Consortium. However, we are aware that the mere satisfaction of these criteria does not guarantee in itself easy access to all of our content. For this reason we continue to work with the aim of covering the greatest number of possible priorities for the future.

Navigation Aids:

The most modern search engines implement a fast access functional mode that leads directly to the specific links of the content of a web document, thus facilitating its navigation.

In the same way, this web site has been designed so that it can be used with a voice synthesizer, for example, facilitating its reading by first obtaining its content rather than the search menu that is repeated on all of the pages.

Although we are making a great effort to improve accessibility to the site, we would be grateful for any suggestions or collaboration in this respect.