Politécnica de Madrid

Puesta a Punto (Fine Tuning)

Puesta a Punto is a WEB initiative whose objective is to enrich the training of those who make up the university community of the Technical University of Madrid.

In this portal you will find guides, didactic materials and proposals to improve your professional and personal capacities through the learning of techniques and the development of those abilities most in demand. 
It is an original space dedicated to training in those abilities known as general or transversal, because their universal value is recognised in deferent contexts as well as its usefulness in all of the university community.

Puesta a Punto is made up initially of 6 thematic classrooms, each of them centred on the field of an ability:

1. Information Technology

2. Foreign Languages

3. Information for Knowledge

4. Project Management

5. Access to and search for work

6. Personal and participative abilities:

- How to prepare a public presentation

- How to prepare yourself properly for an exam

- How to organise your time and take advantage of your classes

Each classroom has a guide, self-study materials as well as recommendations for your extracurricular work.