Politécnica de Madrid

Orientation for new students

Students who enrol for the first time at the Technical University of Madrid have several help and orientation programs available to them such as the ‘Starting Point’, the "Zero Courses", or the Mentor Program, to facilitate the success of their studies.

"Starting Point". Web Space access to help those students of the new intake to strengthen their knowledge and favour self-evaluation especially in the areas of mathematics and physics.

“Mentor Project". A program of tutorials developed for students taking higher courses and supervised by teachers, to facilitate the academic and social integration of the new intake of students at the UPM, both in the first year and ERASMUS.
"Zero Courses". These courses are given in the majority of Centres at the UPM during the month of September. Its objective is to strengthen the main concepts of subjects such as mathematics and physics to help the student to revise and reinforce their knowledge in these areas.