Politécnica de Madrid

Starting point

Learning space for students at the Technical University of Madrid.

The university studies at the UPM require a sound basis of scientific knowledge. In this Web space dedicated to self-study and self-evaluation you will find help in reinforcing your knowledge in those areas related to the studies that you are about to embark on. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!!!

If you do not have a UPM E-mail account, you can apply for one at http://correo.alumnos.upm.es
(You will have access to this service the day after obtaining the E-mail address).

If you already have an account at the Technical University of Madrid you can access it by identifying:

User name: Complete UPM E-mail address (name@alumnos.upm.es)
(For example: luis.gomez@alumnos.upm.es)

password: password to access the E-mail account.
(For example: 6ab835qw)