Politécnica de Madrid

Medical Insurance

The Technical University of Madrid has an agreement with MAPFRE (Insurance Company). Students, staff, teachers, researchers and scholars are in this agreement are include.


Insurance Policy Number 652/31  


All the Schengen Treaty assistance requirements are included in the policy.


Cost of the policy
Daily 1.58 euro
Yearly 578.11 euro


If you would like to take out the insurance, you will have to:


  1. Calculate the coverage of the insurance required.
  2. Instruct your bank to transfer the premium. Details: 
    • Bank: Caja de Madrid
    • Swift code: CAHMESMMXXX
    • Account number: ES92 2038 5911 01 6000086523
    • Beneficiary: MAPFRE
    • Reference: Alta en la póliza nº 652/31 de Mr/Ms/Mrs/Miss xxxx xxxxxxx.
  3. Fill in the form
  4. Send the copy of acknowledgement of receipt together with the form to the following email account: alcalapaseo@mapfre.com
  5. We will mail you an insurance certifice for visa purposes.


Emergency telephone:
From Spain: 902 36 19 94
From a foreign country: (34) 91 581 18 23