Politécnica de Madrid

UPM Undergraduate Degrees

chica The Technical University of Madrid offers its undergraduate students the possibility of combining their official graduate degree with the UPM’s own degree which will complement their training and contribute to facilitating their future entry into the work market. The current UPM’s own degrees are configured with the free choice subjects for which enrolment in them is confined to the general prices and procedures for this kind of subject. What is more, in the official degrees with Study Plans that include free choice credits, part of which may be carried out within these expert degrees.

General Characteristics of the expert degree:

  • They are offered to all students taking official degree courses at the UPM.
  • The study plans are configured with subjects classified as of free choice.
  • They include subjects given in the form of non attendance by means of the Tele-Education Office.
  • The possibility of incorporating free choice credits for the study plan for the Expert Degree that the student must take in the official degree in which he or she is enrolled.