Politécnica de Madrid

E.T.S.I. Industrial Engineers

The School was founded by Royal Decree on the 4th of September 1850 for which the Real Instituto Industrial de Madrid was created. The teaching of Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering took place there. Those who studied both specialities were awarded the Degree in Industrial Engineering.

A Royal Order from the Ministry of Public Instruction from the 17th of August 1901 established the Central School, as a continuation of the initial institution, dedicated to the training of Industrial Engineers in Spain.

In 1907, Electrical Engineering was added to the already existing specialities of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering and the institution became known as the Escuela Especial de Ingenieros Industriales, a name that would endure for half a century.

The Law for the Planning of Technical Teaching of 1957 ordered the establishment of a higher level dedicated to the training of engineers and architects as well as setting up teaching leading to the awarding of a PhD in engineering and architecture. These establishments are known generically as Escuelas Técnicas Superiores (Technical High Schools).