Politécnica de Madrid

Faculty of Computer Sciences

Through the Decree of the 22nd of March 1969 the Institute of Computer Sciences was created in Madrid, Accountable to the Ministry of Education and Science. After successive changes in the study plan the process went forward, until the 20th February1974, when a Ministerial Order was published through which a commission was created in charge of drawing up a report on the study of Computer Sciences, as well as determining those that could be incorporated into the University.

Finally, through the Decree of the 4th March 1976, the Faculty of Computer Sciences in Madrid was created, together with those of Barcelona and San Sebastian. The study plans of the Institutes for Computer Sciences were incorporated as a study plan to do away with the Faculties, in accordance with the timetable that was established. A later Order signed in June 1976 set out the regulations for the implementation of the teaching in the Faculties of Computer Sciences which began its progress in October 1977.