Politécnica de Madrid

Social Council

    The objective of the Social Council as a participatory body of the social institutions in university life, must be to foment, as set out in the Law of Social Councils of the Public Universities of the Community of Madrid, a link between the cultural, scientific, professional, commercial, business and financial environments. Its task in the university is to open up the university to the aforementioned sectors and society as a whole whilst the same time contributing to it.

    The fulfilment of this mission, and from its role as a balance between what might be seen as conflicting, such as university autonomy and external control by the institutions that represent society, the Social Councils carry out initiatives and activities that contribute to the communication from the University to Society, by fostering its presence in it. The dissemination of these activities and initiatives, as well as its results, is the total responsibility of the Social Council.

    For this reason, our Social Council at the Technical University of Madrid, as well as convening Debate Forums, publishing studies carried out at is heart, drawing up the report on every academic year, etc., has decided to create a Web page, which will doubtless be an accurate and transparent way of accessing information on the fulfilment of the responsibilities imposed on us by legislation.