Politécnica de Madrid


The new UPM-VPN Remote Access Service allows all members of the University, (Students, PDI and PAS), to access certain university resources from outside the university network.

The UPM-VPN Service is based on VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology. This technology makes it possible to connect to the University network by means of a tunnel encrypted from end to end, thus guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information at all times. The protocols used in the connection are the L2TP and IPSec standards

For the configuration of the connection to be as transparent as possible to the user, the Computer Planning and

Communications Service at the University has prepared a tool to automatically configure the connection. At the moment, the platforms supported are as follows:

  • Windows Vista ( Important Note)
  • Windows XP Professional (with Service Pack 2 recommended)

In order to configure the connection it is necessary to download the auto-configuration program which is available at Politécnica Virtual (Virtual Polytechnic), within the "Solicitudes online -> Informatica -> Acceso remoto VPN" group.

Once downloaded, you only need to carry out the auto-configuration and a connection called "Acceso UPM-VPN" will be automatically created in the “System Connections File” of the network". In order to use the Service you simply have to connect to it using the newly created connection, introduce the institutional E-mail address and its password, press the "Connect" button, and the connection will be established. From that moment, any communication that is made will be channelled through the established tunnel and will be secure. You can access the different electronic resources limited to the University network by means of this connection.
If you have any questions or problems in relation to the working of this service, contact red.vpn@upm.es