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The Computer Services of the University are in charge of managing the E-mail services which are directed at the different collectives that make up the university community.

The UPM keeps the following mail addresses:

Type of account Associated Web page To whom it is directed
@upm.es Personal - Personal accounts for Teaching and Research Staff
- Personal accounts for Administration and Service staff
- Personal accounts for other collective
- Institutional accounts
@alumnos.upm.es Students - Student personal accounts

Access to these addresses is made through the use of the POP3 or IMAP4 protocol, and can be consulted either by the E-mail client that supports this protocol or by means of the associated Web page.
There is also another series of E-mail accounts in the university linked to the different Centres or Departments.
In an attempt to reduce the amount of junk mail arriving at the addresses, a series of measures has been introduced in the E-mail inbox relays, in spite of the fact that new measures may be added or changed in the future:

  •  Control by means of GREYLISTING
  •  SPF Control

Depending on the university collective to which the user belongs, there are different procedures for obtaining an E-mail account.

  • The Teaching and Research staff and the Administration and Service staff are automatically given an E-mail address. After completing the employment requisites in the Human Resources Department, you will be notified of your assigned E-mail address and how to activate it definitively.
  • Students must follow a specific procedure by completing the steps specified in the section Solicitud del Servicio (Application for Services) on the Web pages associated to the service: https://correo.alumnos.upm.es
  • For those people whose contract with UPM is through the OTT office or the Vice Rectorate for Research there is a specific procedure. If you belong to one of these collectives, you must contact the said Units.


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