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Inés Minguez

'Mixed cropping is a real possibility in low input agriculture.'

ETSIAAB professor Inés Mínguez has coordinated UPM's cooperation in a European project to improve the farm management of different species in the same field.


The oldest bifacial PV generator, “ANTECESSOR”, operates at UPM

With a frontal power of 3.75 kW, the “Antecessor” generator, made up of 56 bifacial modules manufactured in 1987, has been operating at the IES-UPM since May, injecting energy into the electrical network of the South Campus of the UPM.


‘Agrivoltaics, a solution committed to the environment’

In this article, ETSIAAB professor Miguel Ángel Muñoz addresses the challenges of the simultaneous use of land for both agriculture and electricity production.

Irene Blanco

'Water reuse for irrigation contributes to more sustainable management'

ETSIAAB professor Irene Blanco coordinates a project for studying the potential in Spain of an alternative to 'reduce pressure on water resources, extend the supply guarantee, and bring about nutrient discharge reduction.'