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(AppSiMe) – AppSiMe: Personal Assistant for the prevention of Metabolic Syndrome

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Software description

AppSiMe is a mobile app for Apple devices that works as a personal assistant for comprehensive support of people at cardiometabolic risk who want to improve their habits and lifestyle in order to prevent diseases associated with Metabolic Syndrome (obesity, hypertension and diabetes, amongst others). By processing data from the accelerometer included in the iPhone/iPod Touch and communication with a heart rate monitor adopting the ANT+ protocol, the app makes continuous monitoring of the specified user¿s physical activity possible, and, independently, its level of intensity, with Artificial Intelligence mechanisms. A record of the various body parameters indicating the state of health, their subsequent evaluation and the automatic generation of personalised messages complete the tool, which seeks to boost the capacities of Smartphones to improve health in a wide range of the population.