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(Jabon) – Jabon (a C++ SOAP Toolkit)

Technological Offers type

Software description

1. Brief description of the computer program.
Jabon is a set of applications and source code that serve for Web Services (WS) implementation and consumption. Jabon consists of the following:

Jabon: An application that accepts input of a C++ type header file from a user’s application, and generates an XML file with the description of the service in WSDL language, along with all the code needed for the user¿s application to function as WS, as well as the code enabling the web service to be used remotely by a client.
Jabon Run Time Library (Jabonrt): A set of C++ source code files that are the support needed for all the applications used by Jabon – the code generator, the user¿s applications, and Gel, the tool described below. Although this library al exists in binary, all the C++ code is available openly for the user.
Gel: An application that serves as a generic client for any web service. The application connects to the web service created with soap and automatically downloads the WSDL file from it, allowing the user the opportunity to invoke a remote service for which they only know the interface in run time.
Documentation associated with the project, tutorials, etc.

2. C++ programming language.
The operating environment.
The source code is C++ portable, Windows and Linux.
It has been tested on WinXP 32bits with Visual C++ 6.0 and Visual C++ 2005.
It has been tested on Ubuntu Linux 6.10 and 8.04, with the g++ compiler.