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The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Digital Innovation Hub is a platform that started with the aim of promoting technological innovation as a key to improving the competitiveness of the productive industry through a single point of access and aggregate portfolio of capabilities, services and solutions based on the differential knowledge developed at UPM.

In the UPM Digital Innovation HUB, you can find the technological offer provided by the university and made available to the business sector: technological solutions and scientific-technological services.
You can also consult and contact the university’s research structures: R&I centres and institutes, groups and infrastructure.


Various ways of searching for information:

  • Select the type of information you wish to view from the browsing menu at the top of the website. From there, you can access the lists by type of information.
  • Search using keywords, we recommend you try different words if what you are looking for can have various different names.
  • If with the above options you can’t find what you are looking for, you can contact us using this email/form

If you wish to register as a company, you can do so using this link, then log in and add your profile information, as well as adding requests that will be sent to researchers and research structures related to your needs.

No, your company’s information is private and only researchers at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid will have access to it.

All pages containing technology offer sheets or research structures have a contact email address.

We will forward your technology request to researchers and research structures with expertise in your area of interest. It is important that you describe your need well, including the right keywords to facilitate matching with researchers and structures.

UPM Researcher

There are two categories of offer depending on needs and type of knowledge developed. The researcher will have to decide which category best fits the capability, service or technology solution they are going to offer. More than one form can be created as required:

  • Scientific–technological services: these are techniques, tests and consultancy work offered by UPM’s research support units, which are equipped with highly sophisticated scientific equipment and staffed by highly qualified technical staff.
  • Technological solutions: these are research results already achieved in varying degrees of development that can be the basis for the co-creation of a product or service in collaboration with an external entity, generally a company, or, depending on its maturity, directly transferable for commercial use by that entity.

The technological offers are added on the UPM Researcher’s Portal. Here you can access a simple manual.

Once you have added your technology sheet, you have to send it for validation and after passing an internal review it will be posted on the Innovation HUB

To change a record, you have to unpost it and remove the validation, make the desired changes, save and send it to validate again.

Yes, you can deactivate (unpost) an entry or you can delete it completely.

You can access the list of technological needs of businesses on the Researcher’s Portal