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(ecReport) – ecReport

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Software description

1. Description:
ecReport is a a Web application for generating and monitoring progress reports for a European research project.
ecReport has the following functions:
Introduction to the progress reports. These reports cover:
o Progress report on work packages.
o Report on the effort outlayed on each package by each partner.
o Report on dissemination elements.
Monitoring the progress reports.
Sending messages to the partners at the beginning of the reporting period and notification of delays.
Generating the reports in a legible format for MSWord.

2. Programming language:
The software is wholly developed in Java script, and specifically uses version 5.0 of the J2SE platform and version 5.0 of the J2EE platform.

3. Operating environment:
As it is developed in Java, it can be run on any system that has the Java virtual machine in version 5.0 or higher, although it has only been tested on Windows XP operating systems.
ecReport v1 runs supported by different software:
Ontology-based Web Applications Development Platform. ecReport is an application constructed on the ODESeW v3 development platform, developed by the research group, OEG at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, itself. The platform’s libraries are included in distribution.
Web server. The web server that ecReport can be run on is any one that supports Servlet 2.4 and JSP 2.1 specifications. The Resin 3.1.9 web server has been used. Distribution includes this web server. The licence is included in section 5.5.
JMS 1.1 messaging service. ecReport uses OpenJMS as the JMS 1.1 messaging service. The licence is included in section 5.20.