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Software description

1.4 Summary of the application.

The main purpose of the EntrenaVox application is to assess, rehabilitate and work on voice aesthetics. This gives the speech therapist a tool to manage individualised treatments for each patient. It also gives the possibility of visualising the level of performance (both qualitative and quantitative) attained by each patient by making use of a visual tool that, using video games, enables the voice to be worked on, based on various parameters for it.
The parameters that are taken as a basis for the various treatments, and which are trained using games are: a) speaking out loud and muted; b) the fundamental frequency or pitch; c) the voice¿s intensity.

1.5 Structure of the application and flow chart. The EntrenaVox application is based on a Windows-type user interface programmed with object orientation. Therefore, there is no flow chart as such in the application. When starting up the program, the user gets a main window which has the application desktop, the menu bar, and a series of buttons that fast track activation of the most common tasks. Depending on the sequence of actions requested, the program will run a specific flow chart.
The Window Diagram for the application is shown below (Figure 1). The interrelations between each one of the windows in the application¿s graphic interface can be seen in it, along with the control (shown above each date) generated by the interrelation.
When it comes to its use, as shown in the figure, three types of windows can be distinguished:
Accessible by the therapist¿s user profile.
Accessible by the patient¿s user profile.
Accessible by both profiles.