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(GeoBuddies-Camino de Santiago) – GeoBuddies-Camino de Santiago

Technological Offers type

Software description

1. System definition. The aim of this project is to develop a technology infrastructure that enables pilgrims on the Santiago Way to consult information on mobile devices. To do so, a virtual community of Santiago Way users will be created where the users (via their mobile devices) input and consult relevant information about various aspects of the Santiago Way. They can manage geographical information and annotate the information semantically to save it in the virtual community, in such a way that its members can make use of the information. The virtual community will also develop a Service-Oriented Architecture that allows users to access all the available information at any time and anywhere.
2. Description of the system¿s functions.
GeoBuddies brings together the following group of functions:
I. Resource search. We understand resources to be those described in the Specification of requirements section. Users actively search geographically annotated resources.
2. Resource recommendation. The system generates recommendations for users, based on their profile and the contributions they have made to the system.
3. Resource input. All users can create resources to contribute to enriching the system by adding new data.
4. Resource annotation. Users rate, comment and annotate (with tags) the system’s resources which also contributes to enriching the system, this time from a semantic point of view.
5. User management. Users can identify themselves to access the platform¿s services. The user management system makes it possible to devise individualised treatment for them.
6. Browsing the geographical positioning. The client software shows maps that the users can use to browse and see depictions of their entire resource history (searched, created and recommended). The system offers mechanisms for them to position themselves on the map (GPS and assisted GPS positioning, carrier signal triangulation and localisation by place name).
GZipFilter: data compression service.
GBMapas: map access service.
GBUpload: information upload service.