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IN-AIR SIGNATURE. Security verification on smartphones

Software based solution to verify people through performing an identification hand movement holding a Smartphone. 

Technological Offers type


Available from: 2020

Brief description of the technology solution and the added value it provides

Biometrics, Biosignal and Security Group (GB2S), located within the integrated Domotics Center (CeDInt) of the Technological University of Madrid (UPM), has developed a biometric verification system of people through their smartphones. For verification, people have to make a gesture in the air while holding mobile phone in hand. This gesture identification can be invented by people, who can also select their handwritten signature made in three dimensions. The results obtained by this method achieved accuracy rates close to 98% against forgery in several experiments in which was recorded and analyzed a person performing his signature in the air. This result greatly improves current verification systems for mobile phones, where, if it were to record a person writing his PIN, the verification system would break.

Description of the technological base

mobile security, mobile verification, signature

This technology provides a software solution for the verification of people using a Smartphone. The only requirement is a mobile phone with an accelerometer, through which capture the movements of the repetition of signatures in the air. In-Air Signature achieve. Having a low computational cost and an architecture where all processing is done on the mobile device, resulting in real-time verification.

On the other hand, this technology with reduced deployment cost has a wide range of application to different sectors and combination with other technologies.


“The proposed technological solution is a big improvement in security verification systems on mobile phones”

Market demands


  • Current Capture and biometric verification systems are high-cost and mainly applied to security on military and government sectors.
  • It has been widely demonstrated the vulnerability of current solutions based on two-facto authentication (typically the mobile pone, “what you have”, along with the PIN number)

ICT applied to network services and infrastructure

  • The development of protocols for mobile payment, such as NFC, and the strong involvement of multinationals suggests that mobile payment is near a reality.
  • The market for mobile payments, with a wide variety of companies, partnerships and initiatives, is extremely fragmented and competition is intense. In this market biometric security is presented as a plus applicable to them all and an added value to their products

ICT applied to digital content

  • High penetration of smartphones, chosen by many users as their personal electronic device.
  • The technology for the protection of smartphones is not very advanced, as well as user authentication and identification for the use of applications and network services.

Competitive advantages

  • The realization of the signature is unique to each individual. The imitation of the firms with recorded material is very difficult (about 2% accuracy), similar to handwritten signatures. Falsification has a 100% success after having seen a PIN code, and also it can say, guess, copy, etc.
  • No additional hardware required except an accelerometer, which usually comes included in today’s mobile phones.
  • Lower cost to the existing market solution with a similar level  of biometric security. Ease of integration with the systems of the organization. High interaction with mobile applications and wide versatility of application to different needs (mobile games, mobile payments, etc.).
  • Expandable to other devices with accelerometers (TV remotes, pointers, etc.)
  • Users accustomed to a written signature, so it is not required to invent a new pattern. Minimally invasive technique.

mobile security, mobile verification, signaturemobile security, mobile verification, signaturemobile security, mobile verification, signature

“The mobile payment, as well as, applications and adoption of smartphones are a high growth market in which this solution presents low cost, easy integration with other applications and high security”

Previous references

  • Extensive research career and business collaboration. Commercial interest in this technological solution have been shown at national and international level.
  • Second prize of the ninth edition of the awards actúaUPM (Business Creation Competition of the UPM) for the best business idea. 

Intellectual property

  • Registration software M-005532/2013

Development stage

  • Concept
  • R&D
  • Lab-Prototype
  • Industrial-Prototype
  • Production


Contacto GB2S

Javier Guerra Casanova.

Cármen Sánchez Ávila.

e: {jguerra,csa}


Contacto UPM

Área de Innovación, Comercialización y Creación de Empresas

Centro de Apoyo a la Innovación Tecnológica– UPM