In order to be enrolled at UPM as an Erasmus+ student, there must be an Interinstitutional Agreement between your home university and UPM, otherwise you cannot be accepted under the Erasmus+ Programme.

Being an Erasmus+ student implies three things:

  • First: You must have been nominated as an Erasmus+ student by your home university through an email to the corresponding UPM School
  • Second: You have to complete and send the Application Package to the UPM before the deadline. (Please, send it to the UPM School through the International Office at your home institution).
  • Third: You have to be accepted as an Erasmus+ student by the UPM (The  departmental coordinator at the corresponding UPM School will inform you about your acceptance).



June 1st: for full academic year or for the first semester (September until February).

December 1st: for the second semester (February until June)

*These are general deadlines. Please, contact with the corresponding UPM   School in order to know the right deadline


Course Catalogue, Study Areas and UPM Schools

You can see the UPM Schools’ study area codes and the admission procedures by clicking the link below (this page is in under construction and permanent updating)

Course catalogue Icono PDF


Application Package

Selected students must be nominated by the International Office of their home University to the corresponding UPM School that signed the Interinstitutional Agreement.

Every UPM School has its own admission procedure. Generally this implies sending the Application Package to the International Office at the corresponding UPM School before the deadline.

Once enrolled, the student will receive the UPM Identity Card (giving free access to services like the library) and an UPM e-mail account

Please click the link below with the procedure for obtaining the UPM Identity Card:

Guide for obtaining your University Card at UPM

Language requirements

The language of study is mainly Spanish but please have a look at the different study programmes. When signing the student’s learning agreement, the home Institution guarantees that the student has sufficient knowledge of the Spanish language to follow courses and to pass exams. Generally, it is advisable to have a Spanish language level equivalent to, at least, A2/B1 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Spanish language courses

UPM offers “Spanish language courses applied to science and technology” to all incoming students, through its Programme of Languages for Internationalization (PROLINTER).
Starting early September, UPM offers Spanish intensive language courses, that may be complemented with a course during the first or second semester.
You may find information about these courses at  Prolinter-UPM website.


Foreign students guide

In this Guide (English)  you can find interesting information if you are willing to spend a study period at any of the Schools of UPM.


Impresos / Forms: 



International mobility students’ insurance

Students coming from foreign universities are exempt from paying all costs related to enrollment, administrative charges and student insurance. However,  as established in clause 61.5 of the regulations for Enrollment, students must pay for private accident insurance which is offered through the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid,.
The annual Premium is around €35.00 which must be paid before the enrollment (the exact amount will be published in July).

Information about the ONCAMPUS insurance for international students:

Phone:+34 981553614