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Electron microscopy service

Structural analysis of samples of different sizes. Conductive and insulating samples are analysed. Metal coating for insulating samples can be requested as an add-on.

Technological Offers type

Research and innovation areas

Science For Engineering and Architecture


Available from: 2021

Electron microscopy service

Description of the services offered

Analysis of micrometric and nanometric structures in samples of various sizes. Conductive and insulating samples can be analysed. Metal coating can also be requested for insulating samples. The service may be used individually after training with the equipment.

Needs requested and applications

Analysis of conductive and insulating nano and micrometric structures.

Sector or area of application

Nanotechnology, Microtechnology.

Equipment description

CEMDATIC, HTSE for Telecommunications

A Zeiss EVO scanning electron microscope is used to give this service, which enables
detection of backscattered and secondary electrons; variable continuous acceleration voltage between 0.02 kV and 30 kV in 10V steps; 8.5 mm analytical working distance; currents from 0.5 pA up to 5 uA; 5 axis motorised base: X, Y, Z, tilt up to 90° and 360° rotation; 310 mm internal diameter and 220 mm high sample chamber; image scanner up to 32k x 24k pixels.

Request for service

Request the service by e-mail to indicating preferred dates and experience in using scanning electron microscopes.