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Address:Instituto de Energía Solar de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Avenida Complutense, 30, 28040 Madrid. Phone number:910672523 Website: Email:

3D printing service

Three-dimensional printing equipment by deposition of molten material for rapid and efficient prototyping of parts in PLA and ABS materials with high resolution of up to 180mmx180mmx150mm.

Technological Offers type


Available from: 2021

3D printing service

3D printer


The 3D printer is a highly versatile system that allows any researcher or person outside the UPM to manufacture devices in three dimensions. As it is a printer that has been manufactured ad-hoc in the Institute, it is optimized as a system that allows manufacturing small pieces such as connectors, adapters, supports, etc. that are very useful to start up processes that are not standardized, especially for research.

Needs and applications covered

Creation of pieces in plastic materials up to 180mmx180mmx150mm with a resolution of 0.1mm. Use for laboratory optics pieces, prototyping pieces to check dimensions and usefulness to later manufacture it in other more resistant materials.


Any sector that uses scientific equipment and requires parts for its modification.

Cutting-edge characteristics

It is not a commercial printer, but the equipment has been designed by our engineers, which gives it high versatility.

Where we are

Instituto de Energía Solar. Sede: Moncloa.

Avenida Complutense 40. 28040 Madrid. España.

Service Request

Due to the nature of the service, the equipment and the rooms of chemical chambers and clean rooms that are used, it is necessary to carry out in-depth training and have extensive experience in this field. It requires technical personnel who are in charge of the maintenance and tuning of the equipment. Therefore, although the service may be required by any interested person, it may only be performed by our own personnel. Please contact the person in charge of the service if you are interested in our services. 

UPM Rates
55,85Basic printing (VAT is not included)
33,76Additional hour for complex structures (per wafer) (VAT is not included)
50,00Management of the service (regardless the number of tests)
External Rates
66,07Basic printing (VAT is not included)
42,20Additional hour for complex structures (per wafer) (VAT is not included)
50,00Management of the service (regardless the number of tests)