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Micro-volumetric drip deposit using a numerical control robot

Technological Offers type


Available from: 2021

Scientific and technology services

Micro-volume deposit using CNC

KEY WORDS: micro-volume, numerical control, robot, incubation, deposit, pipetting

Description of the services offered

Quantitative, contactless, automated drip dispenser system which allows repeatability in detection kit pipetting with no contamination between samples with a humidity and temperature-controlled atmosphere.

It is controlled using the Link2020 program which uses AcSys software on a computer.

Needs requested and applications

The lack of reagents, or the high costs, of may proteins and antibodies make the deposit of micro-volumetric samples necessary. The BioDot robot enables quantitative pipetting of these samples, and control of the position they are deposited in.

Sector or area of application

Clinical analysis, biochemical laboratories

Equipment description

The BioDot trading house robot has the following technical features:
¿ Gasifier: Yes.
¿ Coupled vacuum pump: Yes
¿ Drip volume range: from nanolitres to millilitres.
¿ Humidity and temperature control: Yes.
¿ Humidifier: Yes.
¿ Number of heads: 1.
¿ P96 panel: Yes.
¿ Syringe capacity: 250 ml.

Request for service

Contact by e-mail, putting ¿PROVISION OF SERVICE¿ in the subject, and the service in question with an approximate description of what is required and the time line in the body of the e-mail.
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