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On 17 July 2019, the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid joined the group of universities and research centres that have obtained the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) European certification. This distinction certifies those institutions that work to ensure recruitment processes for researchers that are open, transparent and based on merit and ability, following the principles established in the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct.

To achieve it, UPM presented an Action Plan and a Gap Analysis with the aim of aligning its human resources policy with the principles of the European Union that seek to contribute to the development of an attractive European job market for researchers.

Some of the target actions described in the Action Plan had been developed over time even before the certification was awarded, on the basis that, beyond this mention, they were desirable actions for the University in themselves, although since July 2019, they have become mandatory milestones. We are now fully in the Implementation Phase, which will be subject to a mid-term evaluation within 24 months from the date of award. UPM has undertaken actions in relation to:

UPM is highly involved in European projects and, while obtaining the certification is a guarantee of quality in the recruitment practices of any entity, in the case of UPM, it becomes a matter of vital importance, in order to be able to continue participating competitively in H2020 and Horizon Europe.

The stakeholders involved in this process include the direct participation of the Governing Team, especially the Vice-Rector for Quality and the Vice-Rector for Research, Innovation and Doctoral Studies, as well as the different management bodies that carry out some of the initiatives, such as the International School of Doctoral Studies, the Finance Department, the Research Area and the contracting bodies. In parallel, in the Research Committee, delegated by the Governing Council, a report is given monthly on the progress made with the different actions.




UPM adheres to the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity [7 July 2020]



HRS4R Seminar for Managers and Researchers [20 February 2019]

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