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The UPM Ethics Committee

The research work and technological development, or technological innovation, currently being carried out in developed countries cover very different scientific and technological domains. The fields of action should, nevertheless, be subject to the regulations and limitations provided for in current Spanish or European Union legislation that affect their ethical consequences where the legislative framework involves a margin for interpretation for specific actions. This situation has meant that public authorities, in application of the so-called “precaution principle”, have established caveats for the consideration, evaluation and funding of proposals from the scientific and technological community that maybe associated with certain activities.

For this purpose, the Ethics Committee for R&D+i work at UPM, set up by the Governing Board on 26 January 2006, has the purpose of evaluating the consequences or problems, from the ethical point of view, of the research, development or technological innovation work that may be carried out at UPM and whose funding (competitive projects) is to be obtained in public calls for tender for which authorisation from UPM itself is needed, or in calls organised by the University’s own R+D programme.

Furthermore, according to the resolution of the Governing Board of 31 May 2012, such evaluation includes non-competitive projects (projects coming under article 83 of the LOU).

Ethics Committee:

Creation of the Ethics Committee
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Competitive Projects
Non-Competitive Projects


Regulations of the ethics committee for R&D i activities at UPM

To initiate the evaluation process for an activity requiring a report from the Ethics Committee, the lead researcher must take the following steps:

1.  Create a first pdf file including the assessment application forms: Form 6 and the specific documents for their area (these can be downloaded at the bottom of this page).
2.  Create a second pdf file with the remaining documentation for the projects needed for their evaluation.
3.  Send the two pdf files to secretaria.adjunto.vinvestigacion@upm.es.
4.  Submit a copy of the two files via UPM’s General Registry.