Politécnica de Madrid


Adplann.com is an online platform allowing to buy and sell advertising slots. It could be defined as a management alternative aimed at becoming a new sales channel for media, agencies and advertisers in order to optimize their advertising investment in a quick, simple and interactive manner. More


Agnitio is a world leader in voice biometrics solutions for security. It has a strong presence in the market of voice identity verification for financial institutions and large corporations. More


Advanced Wireless Dynamics provides technology, products and solutions related to energetic eficiency, enviromental control, ilumination control, security sensor´s networks, industrial control and smart buildings. More


Agora Systems is a hightech company delivering next generation applications and services for the Internet, which include products based on both standards and propietary technology as well as customized designs under contractor specifications. More


Agrouniverso is a young entrepreneur´s project linked to a few spanish universities, focused on agricultural consultancy. More


Airelectronics is a company specialized on electronic and software dessign, necessary for the control of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV´s). More


Airticket has developed an alternative to bar codes, through the creation of a smart ticket. With this ticket, the data can be updated dynamically and the user can interact with it as well. More


Alise Devices focus its activity on the production and commercialization of plastic devices for document security and brand authentication. More


Altiria Tic mainly offers SMS services to companies. This way they facilitate the use of a new communication channel with customers. More


aquaMobile is a company that was founded with the goal of providing advanced mobile solutions to companies and final consumers.
Clic2C is their main product developed, which consists in an innovative software for camera equipped mobile devices. It decodes hidden watermarks in printed objects. Newspapers, magazines, advertisers or anyone who wants their printed material to become interactive could use clic2c. More


Ártica Telemedicina shows experience in Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs), which they apply to various business sectors developing solutions tailored to the needs of their customers. The health and social-sanitary sectors are of particular relevance because of the accumulated experience. More


Antenna Systems Solutions (ASYSOL) focus its activity on antennas meassure systems, professional antennas design, antennas software, and telecommunication & engineering projects consultancy. More


Aptica (formerly Intelia Consultores) provides professional services of Telecommunicatios Engineering and Consultancy, as well as software products for the planning and design of telecommunication systems and networks. More


Baobab Soluciones is focused on providing services in the field of process optimization and simulation, for the creation of helping systems of solution making for companies at all stages of its organization. More


Biicode has developed a new technology software development tool, which allows a more efficient source code management, allowing time and costs savings at the development of computer solutions. More


Capital Certainty is a Go Optimizations group initiative. The company acts as a technology strategic and financial partner, specialized in intelligent systems, automation, search and information management and optimization. Its aim is to develop technologies with high economic and social impact. More


Daedalus is a company with extensive experience in research, innovation and technology transfer in the field of Information Technologies and Communications.
It focus on language technology, Web technology (mining sites) and Business Intelligence. More


DinArq: development of architecture and urbanism. Project development and consulting. More


DTEC is a computer service company oriented to the biometric security sector. More


Ecohidráulica is specialized on management of resources associated with the river environment, acting as a link between the world of research and its real application. Provides quality solutions, efficient and customized research, management and planning of water resources and aquatic ecosystems, working both as developing solutions in R + D + i. More

Ecotactical Technologies is a company promoted by two students from the  UPM EUIT Aeronáutica.They have developed a definitive solution against birds called Shepherd, consisting on a model plane shaped raptor 100% effective in deterring, and which represents a savings over other traditional methods such as falconry. Ecotactical incorporates technological innovations that differentiate their product from other competitors, especially in design, materials, aerodynamics and electronics. More


E-Intelligenct Solutions is a company dedicated to making technology development and custom software engineering, management of scientific information, along with systems for intelligent information retrieval. More


Energe is a company that performs all the necessary services in order to reduce the building´s energy consumption. More


Flaw Evaluation Technologies is dedicated to the automation of non destructive testing of mechanical and industrial components of security-critical nature, mainly in the nuclear energy sector and the aerospace industry. In particular, their activity is focused on detection, evaluation, characterization and analysis of defects in those components. More: creacion.empresas@upm.es


Global Food Quality is a technology based company focused on the design of new methodologies to manage and control the quality and safety of foods, tailored to the specific needs of food businesses. R & D services, technology consulting and training. More


5ingor Consultants operates as a full service consulting in organization and business projection. More


Intelia Consultores is a company that provides professional services of Consulting and Engineering, Telecommunications and Information Systems, and software products for planning and design Telecommunications Systems and Networks.
Areas: strategic and business consulting, technology consulting in telecommunication networks, Engineering and Project Offices; information systems (GIS, digital mapping, planning software radio). More


IntelliGlass is a technology-based company that has developed a new type of glazing,. Its application on modern glass buildings solves thermal comfort problems caused by solar radiation, and it allows a saving of up to 70% on costs air conditioning. More


Innopulse is a company providing global solutions in the field of technology (LOPD consulting, e-commerce, web applications, security advisers and digital signature). More


Jatroil is a company dedicated to the production and supply of feedstock for bio-energy plants, especially focusing on power generation plant biomass and biofuels plants. Its objective is the establishment, both domestically and abroad, of new agro-energy crops that do not harm the food sector. More


Noxvo designs blogs tailor, provides commercial networks ... More


OpenCityTechnology spreads innovative & award-winning technologies that can achieve social impact and activate local economies world-wide. More


Orange Software is a consulting and software development company with a commitment to technological innovation and final product quality as a differentiating factor. Orange Software focuses on the field of Information Technology and Communications, dedicated to training and development of products and services. More


Plant Response Biotech is focussed on research, development and commercialization of new useful products and technologies in the area of the food industry and the sectors of Biotechnology and Bio-energy production. More: creacion.empresas@upm.es


Platypus organize events related to sports activities, and sport specialized consulting. More


Consulting and development of systems and computer applications. More


RBZ Robot Design is a Spanish company with experience in embedded systems solutions, from prototype to turnkey projects. Currently, it is a member partner of Analog Devices (Third Party Program for Embedded Processor and DSP applications). More


Saiku develops Teambox, a social network of your projects. A single site for all your business: Business, sports club, customers ... More


Samarco Ingeniería Web develops and implements web applications from conception of the idea to accommodation, as well as use training. More


Teras Engineering focuses on the field of engineering projects, particularly in the aeronautical sector. Its products fall into three areas: Infrastructure, Design Engineering and Training. More

Thesis Telemedicine is a company with proven expertise in the field of information technology in Telemedicine. More

TSCompany is a R & D company  whose objects are software applications dedicated to innovation for the sports sector. More


Unmanned Solutions provides services based on Unmanned Aerial Platform. More: creacion.empresas@upm.es


UROS is focused on electronic design, implementation of signal processing techniques and integration of new technologies in the field of acoustic instrumentation. More


Zentym offers an end to end solution for targeted video advertising on broadcast and unicast TV. More


...and more companies... For more information please contact creacion.empresas@upm.es