Politécnica de Madrid

Scientific Photo Contest

The department of Science Communication and Outreach and the press office organized a photo contest through the Twitter social network. The contest was open to all UPM community and a Twitter account was required to participate. There were three jury prizes and one prize of the public, €800 in total.

The pictures had to show results, situations, people, places, equipments, etc. regarding science, technology and innovation carried out in our university.

The aim of the contests was to create catalog of scientific and technological photography among the UPM community. This catalog helped increase awareness of science outreach and allowed us to make know the research and innovation carried out in this university.





Prize of the public

Víctor Vaquero Raposo


First Prize

Clara Jiménez Recio



Second Prize

Julio César Vigil Mancebo


Third Prize

Rocío Hernández Lara