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UPM Science videos


CEIGRAMResearch Centre for the Management of Agricultural and Environmental Risks, CEIGRAM. It is a joint Research and was created in 2007 under the collaboration agreement signed by the ENESA, MARM, AGROMUTUA-MAVDA  and UPM Ver vídeo


BiotechBioTech-UPM. It is a scientific-technological initiative that boosts the use of technology in the field of life sciences, particularly health. Ver vídeo


energiasolarInstitute of Solar Energy, IES. IT is pioneer centre entirely devoted to photovoltaic conversion of solar energy. Ver vídeo



CARCentre for Automation and Robotics (CAR) CSIC-UPM. It is a Joint Centre for between the UPM and CSIC. The main objective is to develop research in the fields of Control Engineering, Artificial Perception and Robotics that will mainly be applied in providing useful results to the Society. Ver vídeo


ISOMInstitute for Optoelectronic Systems and Microtechnology, ISOM. It is a multi-departmental research institution devoted to graduate research and education in electrical engineering. Ver vídeo


IDRUniversity Institute of Microgravity "Ignacio Da Riva", IDR. 
It is a research, development and training centre in the areas of aerospace, science and technology. Ver vídeo

INSIA2University Institute of Automobile Research, INSIA. It is a reference research center in the field of road vehicles in Spain . Ver vídeo  


CBGPCentre for Plant Biotechnology and Genomics, CBGP. It was created with a double goal: to carry out the most advanced research aimed at understanding plant function, and to contribute to fulfil the needs of the economic agents within the agriculture, forestry and environment productive sectors. Ver vídeo


CTBCentre for Biomedical Technology, CTB. It is a research and technology centre that brings together researchers from different disciplines on biomedical technologies. Ver vídeo


GrupoComputer Vision Research Group, vision4uav. Computer Vision and Automatic Control fields and with a large experience in industrial oriented applications,.Ver vídeo