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Collaborate with UPM in R&D projects

The International Projects Office facilitates contacts with other entities and promotes the establishment of steady strategic collaborations.

UPM is a university which is strongly committed to collaborate with the industrial sector and to promote technology transfer. Contributing to this mission, the International R&D Projects Office (OPI UPM) strives to consolidate an ecosystem of innovation that favors both public-private cooperation (large and small companies) and public-public cooperation (administrations, other universities or non-profit entities). Therefore, OPI facilitates contact with other entities, offers advisory services to companies from the private sector and promotes the establishment of steady strategic collaborations.

The following are the two main projects developed by OPI UPM in this area:

Kairos Project: Digital Innovation Hub of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid  

Kairos LogoThis UPM project, funded by the Community of Madrid, aims to promote technological innovation and technology transfer to the production sector, an objective included in the thematic priorities of the regional R&D strategy for smart specialization (RIS 3) in the Madrid region.

Different units from the UPM Vice Rectorate for Research, Innovation and Doctorate are involved in the project. Specifically, OPI contributes to this project by carrying out free training, networking activities and R&D consultancy tasks in the international sphere for companies with headquarters in the Madrid region.


DIH AIR4S: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Sustainable Development Goals Digital Innovation Hub

UPM coordinates the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for the Sustainable Development Goals, AIR4S. OPI, together with other UPM units such as the Technological Innovation Support Center (CAIT),  focuses on the transfer of innovation and collaboration with the private sector and has promoted the creation of this DIH in collaboration with a set of strategic partners from the public and the private sphere, with the aim of consolidating an ecosystem of innovation in the Madrid region in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics, giving continuity to the work that UPM has been carrying out in this regard as a liaison unit between Innovation and public-private collaboration for several years.

AIR4S logoThe mission of AIR4S, in line with the European Union strategy for the industrial strengthening and digitization of the European industry, is to facilitate access to innovative services aimed at companies (especially SMEs and midcaps) as well as agents of the Public Administration that facilitate the processes of transformation and improvement of their businesses through the use and integration of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. AIR4S's scope of action is transversal in terms of the productive or industrial sectors: health, agriculture, mobility, industry, energy, climate, etc. AIR4S'  activity is administered under the framework and in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations, thus defending a process of advancement and digital development in the region within a framework of comprehensive sustainability.

Within this framework, OPI, in collaboration with the other members of the DIH, offers through AIR4S´ services portfolio ample possibilities for international cooperation related to innovative activity.

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