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Promotion Team - Proposal Phase

The Promotion Team of the International R&D Projects Office (OPI) aims to stimulate the participation and leadership of UPM research groups in the increasingly complex international research programs, especially the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Since its creation in 2007 at the initiative of the Vice Rector's Office for Research, the results have been more visible: in less than 10 years, the return of the EU Framework Programmes has doubled, considerably increasing the number of projects coordinated by UPM research groups.

Remaining sensitive to the diverse nature of the research groups and being aware of the multiple funding possibilities, our team works in a bidirectional way with the UPM community. On one hand, by attending to the individual demands of each researcher, whether they are experienced or starting their research career. On the other hand, by proactively stimulating the participation of our research teams in international research programmes.

In a context in which institutional relations make a difference, we work towards visibility and positioning, being present in Technology Platforms, associations, workshops, forums or events, giving visibility to UPM and defending its interests and, consequently, the interests of our research staff too.

How can we help you?
  • Information on funding and participation
    • We disseminate information (generic or by theme) about relevant events and international funding opportunities

    • We organize national and international conferences and internal forums for both promotion and networking between UPM research groups and external institutions
    • We advise each researcher personally: calls, providing advice on planning and on what strategy to implement to achieve success.
  • Positioning, promotion, and strategy
    • We develop and promote UPM's research capabilities, helping to define the university’s strategic areas and promoting multidisciplinary

    • We represent and defend UPM’s interests, standing before the funding organisms from various programmes, Technological Platforms and Big European Initiatives
    • We establish strategic alliances with relevant entities in the sector
  • Preparation of proposals
    • We help and guide you through the proposal preparation process: from the early identification of a “topic” or the search for partners, to explaining the budget or reviewing the proposal
  • Training
    • ‘Diploma de Experto en Promoción y Gestión de Proyectos y Actuaciones Internacionales de I+D+I’: professional certificate in promotion and management of R&D international projects.
    • We offer exclusive training for UPM’s research community

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