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Address:INSTITUTO DE ENERGÍA SOLAR. E.T.S.I. TELECOMUNICACIÓN. Avenida Complutense, 30. Ciudad Universitaria. 28 Phone number:910672523 Website: Email:

Solar Cell Processing Service

Service offered by the IB-LAB Intermediate Band Solar Cells and Materials Characterization Laboratory of the Solar Energy Institute of the Technical University of Madrid

Technological Offers type


Available from: 2009

Solar Cell Proccesing Service

Solar cell proccesing service and electronic devices manufacturing. 

Servicies offered

The manufacturing of electronic devices such as solar cells from semiconductor materials demands  the iteration of several technological processes. In the last decade the Instituto de Energia Solar has become a specialist in the manufacturing of devices on different semiconductors (III-Vs, II-VIs) received from several Organizations and Institutions in the framework of national and international research projects.

Our manufacturing service has the following capabilities:

  • Cleaning and etching: acids, organics, plasma asher, contact layer etching, mesa etching
  • Metallization: lift-off, evaporation of n-type and p-type contacts
  • Photolitography: Positive and negative resist, photolitography without mask
  • Rapid thermal annealing
  • Device encapsulation
  • Wire bonding
  • Dicing

Needs and applications covered

  • Processing of semiconductors for companies and other research centers.
  • Developing of suitable processing methods for third generation solar cells.
  • Consultancy on processing


Semiconductor materials in the photovoltaic, micro and nanoelectronics, optoelectronics industries. Energy, space and electronic sectors.

Cutting-edge characteristics

Our experience of more than 25 years in manufacturing solar cells, together with an intense activity in the field of innovation creating third-generation solar cells, have made us reliable experts in these processes. We also have the latest technology in our facilities that ensure high quality and reproducibility of the results.

Where we are

Instituto de Energía Solar. Sede: Moncloa.

Avenida Complutense 40. 28040 Madrid. España.

Service Request

Due to the nature of the service, the equipment and the rooms of chemical chambers and clean rooms that are used, it is necessary to carry out in-depth training and have extensive experience in this field.  Therefore, although the service may be required by any interested person, it may only be performed by our own personnel. Please contact the person in charge of the service if you are interested in our services. 

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UPM Rates
17,91Limpieza ácida (eliminación de óxidos)
20,37Limpieza de orgánicos
24,61Limpieza por Plasma Asher
17,28Limpieza Lift-off
24,12Limpieza por Ataque capa contacto
17,66Limpieza Ataque de mesas
296,81Metalización tipo N
239,08Metalización tipo P
66,73Fotolitografía con resina positiva con máscara
67,70Fotolitografía con resina negativa con máscara
62,17Fotolitografía con resina positiva sin máscara
62,95Fotolitografía con resina negativa sin máscara
10,96Wire Bonding
50,00Coste por servicio solicitado (indepediente del número de ensayos) en concepto de gastos de gestión del mismo
External Rates
22,39Limpieza ácida (eliminación de óxidos)
25,46Limpieza de orgánicos
30,76Limpieza por Plasma Asher
21,59Limpieza Lift-off
30,14Limpieza por Ataque capa contacto
22,07Limpieza Ataque de mesas
371,01Metalización tipo N
298,85Metalización tipo P
83,41Fotolitografía con resina positiva con máscara
84,62Fotolitografía con resina negativa con máscara
77,71Fotolitografía con resina positiva sin máscara
78,69Fotolitografía con resina negativa sin máscara
13,70Wire Bonding
50,00Coste por servicio solicitado (indepediente del número de ensayos) en concepto de gastos de gestión del mismo