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Open training
  • Título propio de postgrado: Diploma de Experto en Promoción y Gestión de Proyectos y Actuaciones Internacionales de I+D+I (15 ECTS) - training in Spanish
    Professional certificate in the promotion and management of R&D international projects with a duration of 4 months. Aimed at researchers, promoters and managers who carry out their professional activity in offices which support the participation in international research programs of Spanish public and private entities.
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  • Claves de Éxito en los programas internacionales de I+D+I - training in Spanish
    Sessions mainly aimed at entrepreneurs and companies to promote their participation in international R&D programmes, focusing mainly on the EU Framework Program. The objective is to create a meeting and collaboration space between companies in the Community of Madrid and UPM researchers. Therefore, these sessions are also open to the participation of the research community.

       Sessions in 2020 will be on Tuesdays


Exclusive training for UPM’s research community
  • El “día” de la OPI. Los programas internacionales de investigación - training in Spanish
    Support for UPM’s research community. Annual training cycle, in the months of October and November. In its 4 sessions, we give an overview of our participation strategy in international programs, with special emphasis on the EU Framework Program (Horizon Europe), as well as support for the transfer of innovation in UPM and the management of awarded projects.
    It is aimed at UPM’s staff with little experience in terms of participation, proposal submission and project management, as well as those who want to regain an insight of this type of projects again.

       Sessions in 2020 will be on Tuesdays


  • La OPI para doctorandos -training in Spanish
    Sessions included in the PhD Training catalogue. Its objective is to make doctoral students aware of the opportunities for participation offered by the EU Framework Program for new researchers, as well as basic notions of their management at UPM.
    Check our Stream channel to find out the videos from the last sessions


  • 40 minutos con la OPI -training in Spanish
    40 minutes information sessions, whose objective is to bring the most relevant aspects of the field of international R&D projects closer to UPM researchers and project managers. 
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  • Formación específica en programas de I+D+I:
    Training program that aims to improve participation in EU Framework Program actions such as MSCA and ERC.
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