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Bone densitometry service (DXA)

Bone densitometry, known as DXA, is a test that enables assessment of bone mineral density and bodily composition.

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Available from: 2012

Force Physiology Laboratory (FPL)

Bone densitometry (DXA)

Bone densitometry, known as DXA, enables assessment of bone mineral density and bodily composition. Once this test has been done, a detailed report is delivered with the results which is explained by the medical team as well as by the technical team of professional trainers.

Description of the services offered

DXA is a non-invasive X-Ray test, which gives an image to measure bone mineral density and assess bone health. It also measures body fat mass and fat-free mass, reporting on bodily composition.

Once the test has been done, the report is given to the user and a simple explanation is given of the results obtained, from both the medical and sports point of view.

Needs requested and applications

With DXA it is possible to get to know about the state of the bones, and if there is a risk of osteoporosis, as well as obtaining interesting data about bodily composition, which nowadays are essential for overweight and obesity treatment programmes.

Sector or area of application

All the community in general.

Differential skills

The main differential feature of our service is care from a multi-disciplinary team that not only carries out a medical evaluation, but also a sports assessment, which highlights the main results to be taken into account when programming training.

The assessment report is also delivered as soon as the test is over.

Previous references for provision of services

A multitude of sports federations, sports clubs, and sports associations, etc., have used our services.

Where it is

The tests are done at the FORCE PHYSIOLOGY LABORATORY (FPL) (6th floor) at the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences (INEF) at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

The FPL has all the equipment needed to carry out these tests: bone densitometer, gas analysers, ECG, treadmill, and cycle ergometer, etc.

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