MSCA Individual Fellowship 2020

If you are looking for funding to develop your research career, apply for an individual fellowship with the UPM

Join us and submit your Marie Curie IF proposal with UPM

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid wishes to attract talented, ambitious and experienced researchers at the post-doctoral level for applying Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - European Individual Fellowship.

Express your interest and find your UPM supervisor

The projects submitted under the Individual Fellowships must be framed in any scientific and technological research area developed at the UPM.

For experienced researchers who are not yet in relation with UPM supervisors, the following areas include information about several UPM supervisors that have expressed their interests to host MSCA experienced researchers in their research group. If you are interested in one expression of interest (frequently updated), please contact them directly.

If you are a UPM supervisor interested in publishing an expression of interest, please complete the following template and send it back to us.

Do you need a UPM supervisor? Choose an area of research

ChemistryEconomic scienceEnvironmental SciencesInformation Science and EngineeringLife SciencesMathematicsPhysicsSocial Sciences & Humanities

Take part in our MSCA IF Writing Days online Training (June 1st & 2nd)

UPM organizes an online MSCA IF Writing Days to support experienced researchers to prepare and submit a MSCA IF proposal.
Lectures will be delivered in English.

All experienced researchers proposals will be supported by the International Projects Office. Moreover, during these Writing Days, 10 best MSCA projects will be selected by an international consultant through an interview based on the idea and the individual motivation for a personal review of their proposals.

How to apply for MSCA-IF Writing Days onlineTraining

The attendees will have to submit a declaration stating that his/her IF 2020 proposal will be submitted with the UPM as his/her Host institution.

Each experienced researcher has to get in touch with a supervisor from UPM. In order to apply, the experienced researcher has to fill in a form and send it to the UPM supervisor. His/her application will be sent by the UPM supervisor to UPM International Projects Office.

The form requires justification of eligibility of MSCA Individual Fellowship, a brief description of the research project and a  complete CV (including publications, patents, awards, etc.)

Each experienced researcher must fulfill the MSCA Individual Fellowship mobility rules, described in the Work Programme MSCA - 2018-2020. The experienced researcher must at least have a PhD or equivalent research experience of at least four years’ full time research experience by the time of the call deadline: 9th September, 2020.

The registrations to the online training course will be in order of arrival till meet the limit of assistances. All the materials will be facilitated to the applicants that could not attend the course.

Contact at UPM: Carmen Gascó 

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